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At Atchison’s Jewelry, we offer expert custom design for your heirloom pieces. When you want something unique, something that is highly personal to you or the recipient, or something that speaks to who the wearer is – custom design is the way to go.

We start with an idea, your idea, and turn that into a piece of jewelry that embodies the reason for the wearer to have it. It’s all about a special connection – something not often afforded by stock or pre-made pieces.

Custom design even allows you to re-think your existing jewelry. Perhaps you have some older pieces that don’t fit your look. Sometimes, pieces handed down to you are not worn but have incredible stones, metals and elements you could use to create a new piece. The future allows for change, and remaking a piece of jewelry simply lets us to keep up with the changing tide of time.

Our master craftsmen have over 12 decades of experience manipulating gold, platinum, and gems to tell a story. We can tell one for you too – inspired by you and for you, in a single piece of beautiful jewelry. Come and talk to us about our custom design services.

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