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One of the great advantages of dealing with your local jeweler is our in-house expertise. Our master craftsmen have over 120 years of combined experience in the crafting and repair of jewelry. We’re here to serve your buying needs, but also to make sure you have the care and attention you want going forward.

Whatever the issue is, a cracked ring, missing stone, broken chain, damaged clasp, bent mounting prong, we can fix it in-house. We can even sometimes identify issues before they happen, like a loose stone or hairline crack when you have your jewelry cleaned and serviced by us. Sometimes, you don’t need a big repair or replacement stone because we catch it early!

Perhaps it’s not a repair at all! Perhaps you need a ring sizing, a stone changing or a piece modifying to fit a new look. Maybe a complete custom piece! We can do all that too. Check out our custom page for more about that!

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